All of our neighbors are one of the best parts of living here! We are surrounded by so many talented, creative and generous people. Although we are pretty spread out in South Kona, it is a close, friendly neighborhood.


Captain Mike & Brigitte have rental property and grow lots of yummy coffee; their son Gill and his wife Shawna ....blah blah blah.  Brigitte is the one who had a girls happy hour where Monika and I met. She is a great cook and very talented with knitting and sewing. She made a bunch of the neighbors fashionable masks while we have been isolated during the recent pandemic.  We are living at one of their beautiful rental properties until our Bamboo home is move-in ready. Captain Mike recently retired from Matson where he worked for over 50 years and spent over 30 as a Captain of the Matsonian. Their son Gill is a welder, mechanic and maintains the landscapes and has his own business (Gill Pecceu Services).  


Linda uses her sauna every day! Who knew! She is an interesting and awesome person. Her house is built from Georgia pine trees that were harvested because of a bore beetle infestation.  She had the logs shipped over and built her house with them! Her house has no windows – only openings.  She has a pet mongoose and lots of geckos she feeds bananas to. All of our neighbors are one of the best parts of living here!

Dusty and Diane built a yurt and have a goat farm!  blah blah blah …add more


Natalie & Rod - yoga, pickleball

Stacy & Dave (?) - add info and link to Hawaii Midweek, March 11 edition.