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My husband Ken and I both grew up in Michigan. Ken is 1 of 6 children so there was not much traveling growing up. I am 1 of 3 children and we took many family vacations. I fell in love with the ocean on my first family trip to California in the early 70’s and swore some day I would live by the sea. 


Shortly after our marriage, we moved to Arizona -- I know, a desert -- the complete opposite of the ocean! However, living in the southwest was closer to the ocean and more affordable than California. Plus, I obtained a great job at Intel and a free degree. Arizona was where I first became interested in mixology and cooking. I love glassware and have an eclectic collection, which lends itself to my love of playing bar tender while entertaining family and friends. Ken loves gardening and landscaped the yard beautifully; he was also quite the handyman for a lot of the remodeling projects. I took an interest in gardening the last couple of years (in preparation for Hawaii) and we grew a few vegetables and herbs.

After our first vacation to Hawaii in 2000, we increasingly spent more vacations in the islands. In 2014 with retirement on the horizon, it became apparent that Hawaii was our favorite travel destination and we were no longer satisfied with just visiting. We were drawn to the aloha spirit and the slower "hang loose" lifestyle. We spent an entire weekend online deciding on an island then we spotted a great 5 acre lot on the Big Island. We planned a trip and 3 months later, we closed the deal!  Thus began our 5 year retirement plan, from bull dozing to a Bamboo Living home.

In November of 2019, our dream became a reality! Ken's love of finances and creative money management afforded us the opportunity to retire before the age of 60, sell our AZ home, and move to Hawaii. While our home was being built, we rented a beautiful home (where we vacationed the year before) on a 5-acre coffee farm minutes from our property with a stunning west-facing costal view! 

In May 2021, we moved into our home. We are excited about living mostly off grid (100% solar / water catchment) and growing and harvesting our own food, Kona coffee and Mamaki tea, only grown in Hawaii. We are planning a tiki lounge where we can share fun times with each other, friends and family celebrating life (our favorite past time). The combination of Ken's desire for a log home and my dream to live by the sea culminated into our current sustainable island log home with a big blue ocean view! We are truly fortunate and so grateful!!  

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