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Caramel Apple Bourbon

Being from the mainland, my mideast family and friends have been making social media posts about cider mill visits and fall drinks. Someone mentioned apple cider and Jack Daniels. Preferring Bourbon over whiskey, I thought I would try my own version. A couple of my favorite holiday drinks are a Buttery Crown (Crown Royal & Butterscotch Schnapps) and Sour Caramel Apple Martini (Sour Apple Schnapps, Butterscott Schnapps & Vodka), both of which I acquired from a cocktail waitress acquaintance. These drinks had a common caramel apple flavor from the Butterscotch so after a bit of internet research (which I usually do), I found this Jim Beam Apple and thought it would pair well with Butterscotch. This cocktail is a nice little sipper that tastes like caramel apples for Bourbon lovers!


  • 3 Parts Jim Beam Apple

  • 1 Part Butterscotch Schnapps

Since a drive to the store where we live in Hawaii is about 30 minutes 1 way and I ran out of the Jim Beam Apple fast, I tried regular bourbon from Costco and apple juice (from frozen concentrate) and it tasted just as good!


Using a highball glass and a giant cube is what I recommend. Just mix the ingredients in the glass and stir. Giant ice cubes are great because not only do they look cool, they take longer to melt. You can purchase them online at a reasonable cost, ~$20.


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