• Monika Carnicle


Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Before the former owner moved, we met in Kona at Huggo’s for a good-bye gathering. Huggo’s and Huggo’s On the Rocks are excellent places for happy hour. They are next door to each on the bay and are a beautiful place to watch the sunset. I love restaurants that have a good happy hour – a little pupu to eat and a featured drink at a great price. Huggo’s makes a mean mai tai and at only 6 or 7 dollars it’s a no brainer on what I am going to order. Margaret veered off the happy hour menu and ordered a drink called a Tusk. I don’t want to call myself a cheap bastard (a name Brian and I gave ourselves) but why would I order a $17 drink when there is a fine $7 mai tai!! She did let me try it however. Wow! It set me on the course to recreate this delicious drink. So, this is my variation…


  • 2 shots gin

  • 2 shots coconut milk

  • 1 shot lemongrass simple syrup

  • Squeeze of a lime

  • Chili Oil and Basil Oil** to float


Mix all ingredients except the oils in a shaker (with no ice). Coconut milk can curdle if it gets too cold. Pour into your favorite martini glass and use a dropper to float chili oil and basil oil on the top.

** To make a chili flavored oil, simmer Hot Hawaiian Chilis in a flavorless oil. Store in small glass container in the fridge. To make the basil oil, simmer fresh basil leaves in flavorless oil. Be sure to drain any solids before storing.