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Habanero Sea Salt

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We like food with a little kick, but we're pretty much wimps. While trying to decide what to do with the chocolate habaneros we harvested, I thought maybe adding a bit to salt would be a way to get a little heat buy not knock our socks off. So we seeded and deveined the peppers (we def had gloves on) and dried them in our dehydrator. Once fully dry, I ground them in a spice grinder. I added Hawaiian sea salt (it's a coarse salt) to a bowl and mixed in the ground peppers. The ratio is really up to you! We're wimps, so it was probably a 12 to 1 ratio of salt to peppers. It makes a lot so put in pretty bottles for your friends or store it in an air tight container.

Our second attempt at making the salt we decided to smoke the peppers first before we put them in the dehydrator. Wow! The smell is incredible. So now anytime we run the smoker, we put any peppers we have in it.

I use the salt on everything! Even in baking. That little flavor and kick is delicious!

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