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  • LauraOsterman

Ho Ho Hum and a Coconut Rum

The tiki ladies wanted to come up with a creamy, Christmassy tiki cocktail as we celebrated Christmas Eve together.

This drink was perfect, well almost. As usual, Laura thought it needed to be a bit stronger so 1 more shot of alcohol was added. It is made with coconut, different rums and has a wintery spiciness with a touch of tiki.


  • 2 shots Coconut Milk (canned)

  • 2 shots Spiced Rum (added another shot to the original from Monika's mix.)

  • 1 shot Coconut Rum

  • 1 jigger Fallernum


  1. Prepare a martini glass with spiced, toasted coconut (using pumpkin pie spice) using honey to make it stick

  2. Mix all ingredients in a shaker until chilled, pour into martini glass and enjoy with a friend or loved one.

Happy Holidays from the Tiki Ladies!

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