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Lemon Tiki Colada

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Back in my Florida days one of my go-to drinks was Malibu Rum and lemonade. Fast forward to us owning an organic farm on the Big Island with lots of lemons and coconuts. This drink was easy to create based on the abundance we have right now (we just got done processing about 12 coconuts). It is kinda like a pina colada but with lemonade instead of pineapple. Party in a glass!


  • 2 shots Coconut Rum

  • 2 shots Coconut Milk

  • 3 shots lemonade

  • 1 shot lemongrass simple syrup


In shaker combine all the ingredients and shake to combine (I always recommend doing a 30 second dance just to make you smile and make sure it's mixed well). The lemonade was quite tart so I added the lemongrass simple syrup. It added a great flavor, but you can substitute plain simple syrup if you don’t have any lemongrass (although it is easy to grow!) If your lemonade is super sweet, you don't even need any syrup. Pour over ice and enjoy! As I was drinking it, I thought it would be awesome put in a blender to have a slushie. Can’t go wrong either way!

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