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Let's Go Fishing!

Updated: May 4, 2020

Let’s go Fishing….

This is just a fun drink! These little fish bowls are available at Walmart for just a couple of bucks and make a perfect vessel for a tiki cocktail. They are big enough to share…but who are we kidding -- Laura and I can finish one all by ourselves!

Ingredients for the Jell-O Shot Bottom

  • 1/2 cup rum or vodka

  • 1/2 cup cold water

  • 1 3 oz package of Jell-O (I used lime, but it’s your drink so whatever you want!)

  • 1 cup boiling water

Instructions for the Jell-O Shot Bottom

In a small bowl combine the rum (or vodka) in a small bowl to combine. In a separate bowl pour the boiling water over the gelatin and stir to dissolve. Add the water and booze mixture to the gelatin and stir to combine. Pour some on the bottom of your tiki glass and refrigerate until firm. With the leftover gelatin pour into shot glasses for some extra fun!

Ingredients for the Drink

  • 1 cup lemonade

  • 2 shots curacao

  • 2 shots coconut rum*


Let the Jello set at the bottom of the bowl for a couple of hours. When firm, pour the remaining ingredients in a shaker with ice to combine. Gently pour into aquarium tiki bowl. Get creative! You can add Swedish fish or do like I did and put a worm on the end of the line! The Jell-O will soften and you can slurp it up through your straw!

Impatient??? Don’t make the Jell-O Shot bottom. It’s still fun!

* We grow coconuts so I now I buy rum and flavor it with our coconuts!

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