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Mountain Apple Cocktails: the challenge

Ohi’a ‘ai Oh My! The Polynesians brought the Ohi’a ’ai (oh-hee AH eye) tree to the islands via Malaysia. It bears a ton of soft, juicy pear-shaped fruit with a very mild and floral taste. We had a bumper crop of mountain apples this year - so many were on the tree that a large branch broke and littered the ground! Last year I made wine with the juice. Glad I tried it, but I just don’t drink wine enough and it tasted just meh to me. I’d rather have a cocktail! So, I challenged Laura to develop a tiki drink and we'd compare what we created. I used vodka with mine since it has less flavor and Laura used gin. While mine tasted good and would be refreshing on a warm day, I really liked the taste of the gin in Laura’s recipe. I’m not sure if there is a substitute for the mountain apple juice since it has a unique mild flavor, but maybe try pear juice or come visit the Big Island in the summer when the mountain apples are in season.

Monika’s Ginger Mountain Apple Juice


  • 1 cup mountain apple juice

  • 2 shots ginger simple syrup (make our simple syrup recipe with about 2 inches of fresh chopped ginger and simmer for 30 minutes)

  • 1 1/2 shots vodka

  • Squeeze of lime for tartness


Mix all ingredients and serve over ice in your favorite tiki glass. I cut up an apple to float in my drink for looks and for a snack

Laura's Mountain Apple Gin Blossom


  • 2 shots of Mountain Apple Juice

  • 1 shot of Gin

  • 1/2 shot lemongrass simple syrup

  • Squeeze of Lime


Add all ingredients in a glass, mix and fill with ice. Don't forget a lime slice and umbrella!

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