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Orange You Special

Our Wampee tree finally fruited! It is part of the citrus family and is common in Southeast Asia. They grow in small bunches like a lychee and can be eaten whole. It’s the only one we have on our farm on the Big Island so we’ll never have a huge harvest.

We weren’t sure what to expect but were pleasantly surprised how the small, tart fruit tasted. Of course my mind went to creating a new tropical cocktail! I soaked some whole fruit in vodka for a few weeks. It was pungent and citrusy. I also made a simple syrup by cooking some of the wampees with sugar. The harvest time is short and we only have one tree so every drop of the syrup and vodka is limited and special.

Orange You Special

  • 2 shots Wampee soaked vodka

  • 2 shots Wampee syrup

  • 2 shots orange juice

  • Sprig of fresh rosemary

In a shaker mix all liquids. Pour over ice in your favorite tiki glass. Swirl the drink with a fresh sprig of rosemary! Cheers!

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