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Pebble Beach Spritzer

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We get inspiration everywhere here in Hawaii! I have a small blackberry vine that produces large blackberries -- but not many of them. Since I didn't have enough for anything to make like a cobbler I decided to add them to a drink! I muddled them in a bottom of a glass and it reminded me of Pebble Beach which is the closest beach to our houses here in South Kona. It is made up of millions of pebbles smoothed by the constant wave action of the Pacific Ocean. In the winter months, the waves are too rough to swim safely most days, but in the summer months the snorkeling is amazing. Nothing like sitting on the beach in the warm sun and sipping something cool and refreshing! The Kona Lime Vodka is simply Kona lime peel (with no pith) steeped in vodka for a few weeks but any lime vodka will work! Any time is a good day to be at the beach....and any time is a good day to sip this light, refreshing spritzer. Simple pleasures!


  • Fresh Blackberries

  • 2 shots of Kona Lime Vodka

  • 1 Shot of Simple Syrup

  • Tonic Water


  • Muddle a few blackberries on the bottom of a glass. Add Kona Lime Vodka, simple syrup and tonic water. Add ice and stir.

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