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Soursop Lemon Drop

One of the nice things about living on the Big Island of Hawaii is that everyone shares! I gave our pickleball buddies some fresh bananas and they gave us a couple Soursops. Soursop is new to me, but I’m up for trying anything! It is a tart fruit with lots of pulp – think guava with a grapefruit flavor. I decided to pair with my homemade limoncello (I’ll post the recipe later). I put the extra soursop puree in the freezer in an ice cube tray and blended it in my Ninja smoothie cup with the same ingredients for a frosty treat.



  • 2 shots Limoncello

  • 1 shot Vodka

  • 2 shots Soursop puree

  • Sugar for rimming the glass


Mix all ingredients in shaker filled with ice. Pour into martini glass rimmed with sugar. Serve with lemon slice (before drinking, I squeeze the lemon into the drink for a little more tang!)

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