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Spicy Pickled Bloody Mary

This recipe was inspired by my sister-in-law Gail who uses pickles and pickle juice in her Bloody Mary drinks.


  • RIM: Monika's Habanero Sea Salt, Celery Salt, Onion Powder, Black Pepper (or you can buy a Bloody Mary premade rim mix)

  • Lime Wedge

  • Queen Spanish Olives (stuffed with blue cheese optional)

  • Cocktail Onions

  • Monika's homemade Spice or Mild Pickled Mango

  • 1 Whole Picked Pepperoncini

  • 3/4 Cup of Spicy Tomato Juice (I like low sodium V8 because it has so much flavor and there will be enough sodium in the other ingredients)

  • 1 shot of Vodka (2 if you want it stronger like me!) ;-)

  • 2 or 3 dashes of Tobasco Sauce (to your taste)

  • 1 shot of pickle juice and 1 slice of Polish Kosher Dill Pickle Spear

  • Celery Stalk


Prepare your rim by rubbing it with some lime then dipping into your rim mix.

Place the following condiments on a a mixer stick (or a bit skewer, depending on the size of your glass): olives, cocktail onions, pickled mango and pepperoncini (or your favorites).

In a glass of your choice, add tomato juice, vodka, Tobasco sauce and pickle juice. Add a celery stalk and pickle spear and enjoy!

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