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The Tiki Bar

Updated: May 3, 2020

The Tiki Bar of my dreams was made from wood and pallets from around the property, including the sauna! Every piece tells a story! It’s still a work in progress….Brian still needs to build me a few more shelves, but his to do list is long and I’m mostly patient!

A good tiki bar is unique to you! Scouring vintage stores for glasses and décor is a fun past time. From the beautiful book Laura gave me, "Smuggler's Cove," I learned that the tiki movement started in California — not Hawaii! But there is no better setting for a tiki bar than in a bamboo house in Hawaii!

I do find "re-pops" (reproductions of new items based on old designs) and new tiki barware on Amazon and eBay. I like to mix and match for an eclectic look. And the bar will never be finished -- the hunt is on for the next cool piece to add!

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