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Upcycling Projects

I want a dog...a real dog. But we’re not quite ready for it yet. So I did the next best thing – made a cute little dog out of a knife block. Knife blocks can be found at any thrift store and then it just takes being creative. I used leftover bamboo for the face and an old leather work glove for the ears. He sits by our door to greet the farm cats as they walk by ignoring him.

His name is Mochi

Remember the sauna that I told you about? After we dismantled it we knew what we wanted to make with some of the pieces. This table was once a bench. The only problem was that it had a hole in the middle of it. So Brian built a wood box and trimmed it out. Right now it has plants, but if we ever remodel the vintage Airstream on our property it will become the coffee table so the box will be for remotes, book, etc. (or plants again!)

All we did was add small corner blocks for the hair pin legs to attach to. Hair pin legs are available on Amazon in all different sizes.

We found an old door in one of the out buildings on the property and I loved the green paint. We cleaned it up and added hair pin legs we ordered from Amazon and now we have a one of a kind desk cut to fit an odd shaped area.

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