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Wall Art

We have def been creative with all the wood and other finds we have on the property. Panels from the sauna fit perfectly in the area below the loft – although Brian did have to modify the length. I painted them with acrylic paint mixed with Flotrol (a paint additive used to make the paint flow better). It’s easy! Just mix each color in a cup with 1/2 Flotrol and 1/2 paint and pour over the “canvas”. I try to buy “oops” paint from Home Depot and Lowe’s – its cheap and has more pigment that craft paint. I used my fingers, but no paint brushes to get the look I wanted.

I used this same technique on canvas. Mix the acrylic paint with Flotrol (1/2 and 1/2). I love to use cheap squirt bottles I got on Amazon (or if you live near a Dollar Tree). The biggest tip I can give is to let an area dry before you start the next area if you feel it is starting to get muddled. This is especially useful on large paintings.

I was lucky enough to find a used surfboard on FaceBook Marketplace for 40 bucks and painted it with a scene from our property. I never claim to be a great artist, but I do what makes me happy. And if I don't like something I paint over it!

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