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Monika & Brian's Projects

Living the Tiki lifestyle is just part of who we are.  We’re homesteaders, farmers, adventurers and creative people.  Brian has done woodworking as a hobby his whole life. I come up with the ideas that he helps bring to fruition. We are big upcyclers and a great team!  When we bought our Bamboo House in South Captain Cook, we were gifted with lots of leftover wood for projects.  But the biggest gift we were given (although we didn’t realize it at first) was a broken-down sauna! My first thought was, “Who uses a sauna in Hawaii?” I tried to see if we should fix it but the company was out of business and we didn’t plan on using it anyway. So, we dismantled it and started making projects from the parts, including our Tiki Bar!

Living in a Bamboo House has it challenges when it comes to decorating.  Our house has no traditional walls so everything is “bespoke” (a British word for “custom” – we have internet but no cable so we watch Netflix at night, which has a ton of British programming).  So “bespoke” has become part of our vocabulary. 


I hope you look at our projects and get inspired to make some bespoke treasures of your own!

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